Monday, July 16, 2012

Essential Apps for Your iPad

Once you have an iPad either for yourself or for your students the first thing you'll start to wonder is what apps to get. There are thousands of apps out there for educators, many of them are free. This is a list of apps that we cannot live without!

Splashtop remote/streamer - $1.99 - This allows you to cut the cord from your computer and move around the classroom with ease. You can access your computer from anywhere (even if you're not at school, provided your computer is on).

PowerTeacher - Free - Grading on the Go!

Edmodo - Free - Social Learning Management System App - access your edmodo account from anywhere.

MyBigCampus - Free - Social Learning Management System App - access your mybigcampus account from anywhere.

Khan Academy - Free - Practice, learn, watch anything

Google Search and Google Chrome - Free -  both of these apps are free. Google Search gives you access to mobile google docs,  your gmail and google drive. I have noticed that sometimes the google docs prefer to run only in the mobile version as opposed to the desktop version which limits some functionality of google docs. Google Chrome was recently released for Apple products, and runs a little slower than Safari, but still brings you all of the functionality of Google Chrome

OnLive Desktop  - Free for basic usage up to 2GB  - This is mobile cloud computing. It connects to you a virtual windows machine, which then gives you access to programs like Microsoft Word and Excel. You can create documents on your iPad, then access them anywhere, either through the app or via their website. For $4.99 a month you gain access to a powerful flash browser in addition to the ability to save your documents through Dropbox or Google Drive.

Dropbox - Free - This app gives you access to cloud storage. You can get more storage space by recommending it to your friends.

Wunderlist - Free - If you're like me, you live on lists. I end up with a list next to my school computer, one by my home computer and sticky notes everywhere else (both digital and physical). Wunderlist helps you keep track of everything that you need to do. You can even share your lists with your colleagues, this allows for collaborative projects to be completed.

iTunes U - Free - iTunes U allows you to create courses that are accessible to anyone with an apple product. You can create mini resources for your individual projects or classes. Students can also create mini units to teach each other.

Educreations  and ShowMe - Free - this app turns your iPad into an interactive whiteboard, which is great if you have apple iTV which allows you to mirror to your projector or television. You can record lessons for later playback. These lessons can be sent to another teacher or students. Students love to create on this app. It's a nice way for students to show what they have learned.

WordPress and Blogger - If you have your classroom website through wordpress or blogger/blogspot these apps allow you to update your website quickly and easily.
Discovery HD / Nat Geo Today

What apps are you using? Join the Discussion. Do you have an Android tablet? Many of these apps are also available on the Android Google Play store as well.

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