Thursday, January 31, 2013

Google Docs for Educators

Google docs offers teachers and students the ability to work collaboratively in the cloud!
  • Forms can be created for students to answer questions (like a test), and/or to submit work.
  • Forms can be used to create anonymous surveys
  • Groups can collaborate by working on the same document
  • Students and teachers can create slideshows (presentations like PowerPoint) that can then be easily shared and embedded on websites.
  • Buddy Edit (make changes in red or another color)
  • Reading Responses, then share with your teacher so they see them.
  • Use instead of Word for cloud computing (so students have their files anywhere)
  • Student assignment tracker (spreadsheet)
  • Google drawing (shapes, arrows etc) to create flow charts and word clusters
  • Create shared folders for handouts/worksheets/presentations for absent students

Useful links to get started with Google Docs:
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Sharing and editing documents
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Tips for teachers
Richard Byrn - - A Guide to Google Docs

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