Thursday, December 12, 2013

Assessing the Change

Switching to 3D Game Lab brought a lot of changes in my classroom, many good, some unexpected and others curious. My students are almost always on task. The come into the classroom, check for bellwork and get right to work on 3D Game Lab. I have had many people compliment me for how engaged and active my students are. It's very rewarding and calming.

One thing that I have struggled with is grade reporting. Both parents and students are used to traditional grade reporting. For example, weekly progress reports, and A-F grades. While I came up with a cut off or a "win" criteria for my semester long course of 2750, it has been very difficult to report how well the students are doing.

I think next semester, that instead of having a single xp goal for the students I might use a combination of things. For example: 80 quests, 4 awards, and 6 badges. I have struggled throughout the year with effectively using discussion boards.

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