Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Techtoberfest 2014

This last week I had the opportunity to speak at Techtoberfest at the Tooele County Schools in Stansbury, Utah. It was an excellent opportunity to share my experiences with a gamified classroom with other educators. The teachers at Tooele County Schools had a ton of questions and I only regret that we did not have enough time.

I originally planned to present 2 sections of an introduction to gamification and one of an advanced/working session. Unfortunately there was a mix up and the 3rd session was a combination of both new and repeat teachers. But that's okay! We were still able to get through a lot of content. If you still have questions about gamification or need help getting started, feel free to contact me:

Email: admin@edtechclassroom.org

Here are some of the resources from my presentations and notes:


Increasing Student Achievement with Gamification
Gamification 201

Introduction to Gamification
Gamificiation 201

3D Game Lab
Class Realm
Class Craft
Class Dojo

Make your games:

Gamestar Mechanic


White Paper: Understanding quest-based learning Chris Haskell Ed.D

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