Monday, December 8, 2014

Computer Science Education Week 2014

December 8-14 is Computer Science Education Week. As a result there is a slew of sites offering up many incentives and activities for the classroom. Here's the list of things that we have found thus far. If you know of any sites that we missed, feel free to add it in our comments! I've updated this list to add some new resources.

National Center for Women & Information Technology - 7 Resources for 7 days

Blockly Maze - This fun game offers 10 levels for students to go through to help them understand loops.

Brain Pop - All of their Computer Science videos are free this week.

Code.Org / - This is your one stop home for Hour of Code

Khan Academy - KA has created an entire course for students and coaches just for this week.

Looking Glass - Animated stories, computational thinking and more.

Light Bot - This site boasts programming made kid-friendly

ScratchEd - This simple programming language offers tutorials and is easy for students 4 - 12 to pick up on.

Tynker - This is very similar to Scratch, in that it offers a very visual means of introducing programming.

What are you doing this week to celebrate and learn? Please share it with us!

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