Thursday, May 5, 2016

My How Time Flies...

.. when you're having fun!

This school year has just flown by! I wanted to blog so much more this year and I still have some things that I want to share from my classroom that I'll work on in the coming weeks. All of my state tests are done with the exception of some make ups and tomorrow is our first field trip.

We had a friend/local company print up shirts for all our fourth graders and the end of the year activities. They turned out AMAZING! I have done shirts for my students in the past and I love being able to find my students wherever they are in our activities. It is also a great memento for the students as they head into summer.

This year I've been able to watch an amazing group of 4th graders grow into independent learners. I have seen them explore STEM concepts including things like Hour of Code, LEGO WeDos, NXTs and EV3s. They've explored their passions through 20% time and more. 

This will be a difficult school year to see end because I have had so much fun watching my students learn and grow! But there's always a new year and a new group of students to feverishly get ready for once school is out in June. For now, it's feet on the ground and field trip season!